There is a list for just about everything.

And Buffalo ranks on just about every single one of them -- good or bad.

Over the past few years we've seen these lists come out for different reasons, whether it be the happiest city in America or the most hated city in America. Let's take a look and rewind at the past two years and see what lists that Buffalo has made it on, and what we've ranked.

Let's remember that no matter what list we're on and what we rank, we'll always be the City of Good Neighbors, and for good reasons too.

List                                                           Buffalo's Rank

Poorest Cities in the U.S.                                             #4

Best Place For A Staycation                                          #1

Drunkest Cities In America                                            #16

Happiest City In The U.S.                                              #2

Cities You Should Move Away From                              #3

Most Affordable Cities in America                                 #1

Most Dangerous Cities                                                  #10

Most Hungover City in the U.S.                                      #5