Today is National Love Your Pet Day and most of us treat our pets like our kids so I wanted to introduce you to my cat Stamp.

Here are 5 things you should know about Stamp:

1. She is a girl...yes she looks like a boy and one vet said that cats that look like her are 95% boys but she is a female!

2. She got her name from where she was found. We adopted Stamp from the Humane Society in Panama City Beach, Florida. They gave her the name Stamp after a postal worker found her in a mailbox and turned her in.

3. Most likely she has lived in more states than you. Since we adopted her in 2015, Stamp has lived in Florida, Indiana, and now in New York.

4. Her favorite thing to do is chew on wooden spoons. We are not sure why she likes to chew on them, maybe she is part dog, but if you leave a wooden spoon out chances are she will be nibbling on it at some point.

5. She doesn't like other cats...she is a loner when it comes to other cats, but actually goes over to our neighbor's window to look at their dog Darcy. Maybe she is part dog!

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Today is a day to love on your pet so make sure to go home and snuggle all day long!

Meet Dave's Cat Stamp

Today is National Love Your Pet Day so get to know Dave's cat Stamp.

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