Our architecture in Buffalo is very unique, but so are the roads that get us there.  If you're looking for a very unique, very Buffalo gift, check this one out.

According to the thread on Reddit, the person who drew this map up is a graduate of UB.

His name is Peter Gorman and he's been drawing up intersections of roads across the country.  You can follow his progress on his instagram page (@barelymaps).

According to his website barelymaps.com, he's already got over 75 designs based on stories, memories, cities, shapes, colors, weird intersections, and the blank space surrounding Seattle.

Intersections of Buffalo from r/Buffalo

Some of those weird intersections happen here in the 716 and he's documented them.  While they might look like strange designs, if you've driven any of these roads and come to some the intersections, you'll know just how closely he documented them.


If you're looking for something to get for the City of Buffalo lover on your list, this should be right there.

Find a poster print of his design on his Etsy page.

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