Firewood Rules In NY State You Should Know

There is nothing like the smell of a wood fire burning on a cold crisp day. But the firewood that you are burning does come with a lot of hard work. Whether it’s wood that you cut down and split on your own or have someone deliver to you, there is a lot of work involved when it comes to stacking and getting ready for that wood to be burnt.

But the wood that you were burning also comes with a few restrictions. Did you know, that in New York State there are certain laws pertaining specifically to firewood and where it is sent to or delivered to?

Here are just three of the examples of some of the laws you should be aware of regarding Firewood’s in New York State.

The regulation pertains to all species of wood, cut or not cut, split or not split, that is destined for use as fuel. Logs would only be subject to the regulation if their intended use is as firewood.

It is that time of the year when we all start thinking about more fires in the fireplace and perhaps those great bonfires outback with a cup of your favorite drink and your favorite hoodie.

Recently, we had to take out dozens of trees on our property that were killed by the ash borer beetle. They simply destroy a crop of trees in any given area once they start. But you can help to prevent these beetles from spreading and other diseases from spreading via firewood if you follow these laws that are on the books in New York State.

We had a wood stove in our house for a long time but it became difficult to keep up with once we started to have kids. It was a tough call, but we switched to gas. It is more convenient. However, given the choice in a perfect world, I would have a wood burner in the house. Until then, I guess we will have to enjoy our fireplace outback.

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