A couple in New York is getting some heat on social media after confessing what they did with each other’s belongings. 

The two of them recently moved in together, and while they really like each other, they just don’t know if they will last forever. It’s something that any couple deals with: you either stay together, or you break up, and every couple goes into the relationship hoping that they do not succumb to the latter. 

But just in case they do, this New York couple seems to have a foolproof plan. 

The “Never Box.”

A "never box" is made up of doubles of everything you’d ever need, including kitchen and bedroom stuff, and it is pre-sorted out, should either of you need it in the event of a break up. 

The boyfriend quickly defended his stance on Reddit. He said it “goes without saying that thinking about breaking up is the least romantic thing when you move in with each other.” 

“But let’s face it,” the boyfriend continued. “Most relationships end sooner rather than later.” 

Of course, the quick rebuttal by a majority of responses went a little like: “Why get into a relationship you’re not confident in? If you think you’re going to break up, why are you even moving in together?” 

And I see that point, but allow me to defend the “never box.”

If you have never had someone walk out of your life when you fully thought would be with you til the end, then maybe it’s difficult to understand. But you never know what’s really going on in someone else’s head. You could think they’re totally in love, but they may be getting quietly frustrated at the simple nature of how you do things, like make your grocery lists, for example. 

Calling them a “never box”’ actually alludes that you never want to open it or use it. But creating never boxes with your significant other kind of puts the idea in the other person’s head that maybe you aren’t as into the relationship as you say you are – even if you are just being cautious. 

There is the added bonus though that if you do stay together, you always have a backup ladle or spatula on hand. 

What do you think? Do you support the “never box?”

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