We take our food very seriously here in Buffalo and Western New York. I’ve been to other spots around the country and I can tell you, Buffalo does indeed have some of the best food in the entire country.

Wings are without a doubt the one food that we’re known for and it’s always cool when non-Buffalo natives have authentic wings here in Western New York for the very first time.

The Bills signed 11-year NFL veteran wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders to a one-year contract on Thursday to add to their already explosive offense. Sanders adds another weapon for quarterback Josh Allen. Sanders has 662-career catches and has been through numerous long playoff runs with the Steelers, Broncos, 49ers and Saints.

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Bills fans took notice when the Buffalo media asked Sanders on if he eats blue cheese or ranch with his wings? Sanders said he prefers ranch and that he hates blue cheese...oh boy.

The good news is that Emmanuel Sanders was in Buffalo on Friday and decided to actually give the wings AND blue cheese in Western New York a try. Sanders absolutely loved the wings and actually liked the blue cheese!

Check out the video below.

I’m guessing that past experience with blue cheese was the store-bought kind that’s meant to go on top of salads...I can see how that would influence him, because those have nothing on restaurant blue cheese here in Buffalo!

Go Bills!

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