The law passed on Thursday unanimously and it's one that seems like a no-brainer. Erie County would become the second county in New York State to pass the law that would prohibit people from impersonating veterans, which has become a nationwide problem.

Until now, police really couldn't do anything about some instances.

A marine went up to another individual who was wearing a Naval officer's outfit, but he had the wrong buttons or badges on his lapel that didn't indicate the U.S. Navy, and so he said, who are you and what are you doing here? And it turned out the guy was a fraud", said Edward Rath the county legislator, according to WGRZ.

When the law goes into effect, police will now be able to do something.

  • First Offense--$250
  • Second Offense--$500
  • Third Offense--$1,000 and up to a year in jail

What do you think about the fines? Too low for something like this? You be the judge.

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