The traffic was at a standstill when I approached the 90 east bound merger from 219 north on Monday morning. There was an accident at the 190 north ramp and had the morning commuters bumper to bumper. It gave me a chance to notice what was left behind after the winter along the side of the road and the medians on The New York Sate Thruway.

It's going to be a big job for the workers on The Thruway and around the other Western New York roads and highways. Picking up the junk and other trash that people leave behind.

Is it by mistake? Do things just blow out of vehicles? Or is it just pure laziness? The fear I have is that it may be intentional.

Littering is one of my biggest pet peeves.  The Rochester area officials have met to consider an increase in the fine for those that litter and I think that it's a great idea.

No word on when the council members in the city of Rochester may vote on the issue. But the proposal calls for an increase on the first violation from $25-$100 and the fines would potentially double on a second offense.

Coffee cups, cigarette butts, fast food wrappers, dirty diapers, water and pop bottles and even larger items are among the garbage that litters the shoulders of the road in cities all over the United States. The off ramps seem to be the worst case as drivers who litter seem to think that the time they wait for a light to change or traffic to clear, is the best chance to empty their vehicles.

A simple fix? Get a small trash bag in your car or truck. Or simply wait until you get to your destination and dispose of your junk properly. Thank goodness for the groups and volunteers who "Adopt a Highway." You'll often see them in the spring collecting the garbage that people leave behind. It's a shame that people can't be more responsible for their own items.

I am one of those guys that hates the thought of more government involvement in things and truly shutter at the thought of fines and fees being increased or introduced. However, we are  the only ones who can protect the beauty of Western New York and perhaps a increase in the fine for littering is just the motivation need to keep the trash of the roads.





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