There is an important update to a previous recall on baby food that MAY be valuable to some parents in New York State. is reporting that two more companies are now being added to the list.

Schnucks-branded pouches sold at Schnucks and Eatwell Markets grocery stores and Weis-branded pouches sold at Weis grocery stores are being recalled, in addition to WanaBana Apple Cinnamon Fruit Puree sold by multiple retailers, including Sam’s Club, Amazon and Dollar Tree, that were recalled last month.

It seems we are getting more and more recalls these days. Is it that we have more access to a 24 hour news cycle? Or is it that there is a lack of dedication to getting products on the market in a safe and reprehensible way? Perhaps we are moving too fast?

popular baby food

We have four kids at home and although we are vigilant about what they eat, these alerts are very helpful.

It was also announced this week that Panera Bread will be using new labels on it's popular brand of lemonade.

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