I wish that they had this in Depew now for that guy that keeps letting his dog poo on my front lawn.

In Newfane, they are considering some new laws that would have dog owners become a little more responsible with their pets.

Owners will be fined $100 and/or spend 15 days in jail after the first offense and DOUBLE that for repeat offenders if your dog:

-Dogs can’t run at large without a leash
-Disturb public peace with howling or barking
-Destroy lawns or other property
-Chase or harass anyone causing fear

We get some calls that we get repeat dangerous dogs, we’ve had a few of them that’s when it really gets, when it starts address public safety. So maybe that would get their attention because the people we’re dealing with nothing seems to get their attention", says Tim Horanburg the town of Newfane supervisor according to WIVB.

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