Apple seems to constantly be coming up with new updates for their phones.  They just came out with a new one that will make it easier to unlock your phone during the pandemic.

If you've tried to unlock your new iPhone in public lately you know it can be a pain in the neck with the face ID.  Why?  If you're wearing a mask, it doesn't recognize you and you have to use your passcode. Or...take a risk and lower your mask.

Some mask companies have tried to capitalize on this by creating masks that on the outside are really just pictures of your mouth and chin to make it look like you aren't wearing a mask at all.  Apple decided instead to just work on its own technology.

Facial recognition on its own is pretty impressive when you think about it.  How many faces have similar features, yet your phone knows when it's you who is trying to open it up.

The new update isn't new facial recognition, but will allow you to kind of skip a step when trying to open your phone in a hurry.  The new update is called iOS 13.5.  Now, when you want to open your phone while wearing a mask, all you have to do is swipe up from the bottom of the lock screen and the passcode option will appear for you.  Before you had to wait until it tried to scan your face first, then enter your passcode.  Now, you can jump right to it by swiping up.

According to Thrillist, "the update also includes the COVID-19 Exposure Notification API that Apple made in partnership with Google, a FaceTime group calling improvement, and additional improvements and bug fixes."

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