Those who own a dog know that it is a big responsibility. The care that is required for a dog is a daily routine and at least one country is making it a legal issue.

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In Germany, those who own a dog are going to have to make certain they get their pooch out for a walk at least twice a day!

According to reports, some pet owners are being told they could be breaking the law if they don't walk their dog. And not once, but twice a day for at least 30 minutes each.

Recently in Western New York, laws were passed that only allowed you to tie up your dog for a certain amount of time in very hot and very cold conditions.

We have two dogs and just like our kids, they need a ton of our attention. From keeping them fed to making sure they get exercise and regular vet checks, they are a big responsibility. I have to admit that I have guilt when we go on a vacation and have to leave them behind. We have some fantastic neighbors that help out. But even when I am running late from work, I feel bad that I can't them out sooner.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought lots of dogs in to peoples homes. If you just adopted a dog, congratulations! Now you understand what we have been saying for years. Dogs are truly part of the family and should be treated wit the love and care you would give to any other family member!

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