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    Paid Family Leave is Going Up

    You can now take up to 10 weeks and get 55% of their average weekly wage at the max benefit of $746.41 per week.

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    Dad's Changing Tables

    This year, all public restrooms will have a changing table, even in the male restrooms. Too many times, dad's were changing their kids on the floors in restrooms because there were no tables.

  • 3

    Minimum Wage

    $11.10 into effect December 31, 2018.

  • 4


    Volunteer firefighters diagnosed with cancer can now receive enhanced cancer disability benefits. They can receive a payment of $25,000 or $6,250 depending on severity.

  • 5

    New York City Takeout

    Doggie bags can no longer be made out of styrofoam.

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