Disney has always done a good job marketing it's movies.  They've got a really good formula working lately too.  You want to sell something?  Put Baby Yoda in it.

It's strange to think that a year ago, no one knew who Baby Yoda was.  Disney+ was something that people had only heard of.  No one had the new streaming service.  It didn't even come out until November of 2019.

That's when the Baby Yoda craziness began.  One of the first original series included on Disney+ was called "The Mandalorian."  It was directed by Jon Favreau and was supposed to be the story of a Boba Fett like character from the Star Wars films.  But quickly we found that it was more about what looked like a more familiar character.  People called him Baby Yoda because he looks like a much younger version of the Jedi who taught Luke Skywalker himself.  But his real name in the shows so far has been "The Child."

But Disney saw the potential.  They started selling merchandise and it went crazy.  People fell in love with "Baby Yoda" and they haven't stopped.

This summer, you will be able to add to your indulgence of Baby Yoda every morning with a new cereal.

Yup.  Baby Yoda Cereal will be hitting cereal bowls this summer.

Ok..so maybe it's not called Baby Yoda Cereal.  It is called The Mandalorian Cereal, but lets be honest, there are a ton of people that aren't watching this series for the Mandalorian.  They're watching it for that cute little alien looking thing that we all call Baby Yoda.

And they might even be made here in Buffalo!

General Mills is making it and says they should be coming out later this summer.


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