Let's take a look back at other Buffalo Bills who graced cereal boxes or had their own cereals. It's all-star lineup when it comes to the Bills' cereal game. If you still have any of these boxes, you might be able to make some money by selling them online. Let's take a trip down memory lane.

Jim Kelly, Buffalo Bills Quarterback (1986–1996)

I'm not sure what year this box was released or if it was re-released over several years, but I have seen it listed with various years, including 1987, 1989, and 1993. But I believe this was prior to Kelly getting his own cereal, Kelly Krunch. And it came with a free poster.


This Wheaties box is considered a "phantom." Had the Bills beaten the Giants in the 1991 Super Bowl, rather than losing to them by one point, this box would have been released. Because they didn't win, it was technically never supposed to leave the factory.

Jim Kelly, Buffalo Bills Quarterback (1986–1996)
Cornelius Bennett, Buffalo Bills Linebacker (1987–1995)
Andre Reed, Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver (1985–1999)
Thurman Thomas, Buffalo Bills Running Back (1988–1999)
Bruce Smith, Buffalo Bills Defensive End (1985–1999)

This was a regional release when the Bills won their third AFC Championship in 1993.

You can buy this box on eBay.

Thurman Thomas, Buffalo Bills Running Back (1988–1999)

Wheaties featured NFL All-Pro Running Back Thurman Thomas, along with Barry Sanders and Marcus Allen in 1996.

Thostetler79 via eBay
Thostetler79 via eBay

The box is available for purchase on eBay.

Flutie Flakes
Doug Flutie, Buffalo Bills Quarterback (1998–2000)

Doug Flutie's cereal was a big hit, which was great because it benefited autism awareness,

Buffalo Bills quarterback Doug Flutie released his brand of corn flakes cereal in 1998 to raise money for autism awareness in honor of his son, who is autistic. The cereal ended up being a hit, selling more than 3 million boxes (Flutie eventually branched out into other foods, including a fruit snack called Flutie's Fruities).

Kelly Krunch
Jim Kelly, Buffalo Bills Quarterback (1986–1996)

When Jim Kelly released his own cereal, it also benefited a charity, Hunter's Hope, which he started as a tribute to his son,

In 2002, Jim Kelly, who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame that August, unveiled Kelly Krunch, a honey-nut toasted oats cereal. As part of the deal, proceeds from the cereal’s sale went toward Hunter’s Hope, a charity Kelly founded in honor of his son Hunter, who suffers from the deadly Krabbe disease. Unopened boxes of "Kelly Krunch" can still be found online.

Terrell Owens, Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver (2009)

Even though Terrell Owens was only with the Bills for a short time, he managed to release a cereal,

Before he and Ochocinco teamed up for a season in Cincinnati, Terrell Owens actually mirrored him by launching his own cereal brand. The TO’s brand came out when TO joined the Buffalo Bills in the 2009 season and features a rather cryptic picture of TO flexing his bicep around a blown-up piece of cereal.

MariO's Cereal
Mario Williams, Buffalo Bills Defensive End Buffalo Bills (2012–2015)

Mario Williams is the only defensive end to have his own cereal,

Williams unveiled "MariO's," a honey toasted oats cereal named after him in 2012. "Cool," as Williams says it is to have his picture on a cereal box, more important to him is donating all of his proceeds to a Buffalo charity supporting children with cancer, and their families.

Josh's Jaqs
Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills Quarterback (2018–present)

In 2020, the first edition of Josh Allen's cereal was released. It was such a success that another edition hit Wegman's shelves.

Josh’s Jaqs are a red and blue frosted ‘O’ celebrating Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen, and they are still available on auction sites like ebay. Like “Flutie Flakes” and “Kelly Krunch” before it, “Josh’s Jaqs” feature the heroic image of the Bills QB throwing a football on a blue box that shows the red and blue team colored cereal Os. Allen announced the cereal by saying he always dreamed of having his own cereal. Produced by PLB Sports & Entertainment and sold at Wegmans stores, proceeds from “Josh’s Jaqs” will help support the Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo, New York.

Honorable Mention:

While it's not cereal, Stefon Diggs did have his own hot sauce and bleu cheese. A portion of the proceeds benefited the Western New York Women's Foundation.

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