Another new trimmed down Stimulus package has been proposed by the House Democrats and this one could be passed as early as this week.

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The new proposal is around 1.2 Trillion dollars less than the first one proposed by the House Democrats. It is still more than the one proposed by Republics but according to there is a good chance this one could be passed.

After negotiations broke down in early August, the parties engaged in virtually no discussion toward a resolution. With the $2.2 trillion House bill, however, Pelosi and Mnuchin have resumed talks

While this newest proposal is for less money it still includes a $1200 payment for most Americans who fit under the guidelines that were the same when the first stimulus check was issued in March.

This newest proposal does call for cuts in relief funding for local and state governments but it also re-adds the $600 per week for those who have filed for unemployment.

The US Congress does have a planned recess starting on October 12th, and lasting until November 6th. So if a plan is to be passed, it will have to be done with-in the next 12 days.


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