The Buffalo Bills are getting a new stadium, but some legal issues may throw a wrench in that plan.

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Right now, Western New York is pretty excited about the Bills.  They're at the top of the AFC East and are currently still Super Bowl favorites.  They look like they could be pretty good for years to come. and they have a brand new stadium coming soon.

However, there's a deadline looming that could delay construction if it doesn't get done.

It's a deadline that has already passed but was extended.  Originally it was supposed to happen in September but was extended for 45 days until October 16th.  They're hoping to come to a Community Benefits Agreement, or a CBA that will benefit the Western New York Community.

In other cities, according to<a href=""> the Buffalo News</a>, the CBAs include "ways to minimize negative impacts of a big project on a nearby community, as well as investments in parks, landscaping, recreation, youth and local collegiate sports and educational programming."

While no one really knows where they stand at this part of the negotiation process, some believe that what's holding it up is that the community is asking for everything they can get while the Bills are looking for a deal that is fair.  But this current deadline prohibits the Bills from negotiating for a new stadium with other communities between the original deadline for a deal of Sept. 1 and Oct. 16.

So does that mean that the deal could fall through if it's not agreed upon by October 16th?  Not necessarily.  While the Pegulas could technically talk to other communities after October 16th, another extension would be more likely.  They could still extend that date and come to an agreement.

The good news is that both sides have said that they are committed to getting a deal done. Everyone seems to believe that the deal will just get done.

Construction is supposed to begin next spring (2023).


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