This is genius! There is a new type of tent that floats and allows campers to stay on the water!

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Yes, there are a few things that people should know before they decide to camp on water. First, don't try to camp on a swift moving river. The Niagara River may not be the best spot for your tent. But if you live near a calm stream or creek or lake, this would be prefect!

I have enjoyed camping since I was a kid and a Boy Scout. Now that we have little boys, it is time to relive some of the great times and memories that I have. One of my favorite places to camp as a kid was Sprague Brook Park in the Concord-Springville area. I am the youngest of five kids and somehow our parents were able to get all of us in a small tent with all of our gear and sleeping bags.

This floating tent stands 8 feet tall! That is plenty of head room for tall people like myself!

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