Traditionally, the night before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest party nights of the year.  With many people being off for the Thanksgiving holiday, it's not abnormal to see a lot of people at the bars.  Now there's a wristband that can tell how drunk you are, and alert your friends if you're in danger.

It's called Vive and if you're a big drinker, it could save your life.

It looks much like the fitbit wristbands that many people use to track their exercise but Vive has sensors on it that can track your body’s dehydration and intoxication levels.  It will also check on you with a simple vibration.  If you're ok, a simple squeeze to the band will let you know that you're ok.  If you don't however, it could alert your friends that you may be unconscious somewhere.

It will also let you link with other friends to create a virtual party.

Here's the problem...what happens if you don't feel the vibration and it worries your friends needlessly?