New York governor Andrew Cuomo says it’s only a temporary measure, but the state legislature says it’s an indefinite suspension of the provision in the New York State Safe Act gun law that would have made it illegal to sell handgun magazines that could hold more than seven bullets.

Last week there was talk that the provision would be amended to allow 10-bullet magazines to be used at gun ranges or in competitions. In all other cases you’d only be allowed to fill that magazine with no more than seven bullets.

The key to the suspension of the provision was that gun manufacturers had no intention of making a magazine that would hold anything less than 10 bullets.

Word of the change in the law came down Sunday night as state leaders unveiled the $136.5 billion budget set to be passed this week.

Cuomo has been criticized nationwide for the way the Safe Act was passed. There’s a requirement that proposed legislation sit for three days before it can be passed. Cuomo claimed this bill was an emergency and it was passed within 24 hours, even before many lawmakers even had a chance to even read it.

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