Father's Day 2023 has come and gone! It seems that the older we get, the faster the time goes. When you have kids, it goes even faster and when you have four kids who are all under the age of seven; it goes so fast it is scary.

So much has changed in our world over the last couple of years. We went from hearing about a new virus called COVID to being in an all out panic and pandemic. The years from March 2020 until now seemed to have taken forever and yet, looking back they were a blur!

But for each person, life moves differently, and in a variety of directions. Speaking personally, I went from being a single guy to being married with four kids in a span of 8 years! I wouldn't trade what I have now, or then for anything. The path that I am on has taken a TON of twists and turns and, no doubt, there are many more to come. The difference between now and back then is that I am part of an incredible family for the next part of the ride.


Being a parent is special! I like to congratulate anyone I meet who shares that they are expecting or recently had kids. It is without a doubt the most rewarding (albeit frustrating thing) that a person can do. And, just so you know, there is not a single PERFECT parent or PERFECT way to raise your kids. Mom and dad, YOU are doing an amazing job even when you think you are somehow losing your grip or your touch.

It was this past weekend, in the height of the chaos at our house, that I was reminded exactly that. Just when I was losing my mind with the kids and stressed out as I could be, I noticed it.

I doubt there is anyone who could say with a straight face "who put the booger on the oven"?

My wife, Elizabeth, yelled back from the other room above the noise, "I'm sorry...what"?

As I repeated and tried to sound as serious as I could, "who put...the booger...on...the..oven", I broke out in a laughing fit that was not only way over, it was a dose of medicine that I needed.


As Father's Day arrived, I was given an incredible photo of our kids holding individual signs that read; "WE LOVE OUR DAD". And I broke down in tears. As tough as it's been and as many mistakes I have made and as much guilt I have had for missing certain things along the way, the kids still love me!

As we get ready for the start of summer and the new routine and chaos of camps and road trips and T-ball, I hope we can all remind ourselves, that even if nobody takes ownership of the booger on the oven and we are reaching for the bleach to clean it up, we all make mistakes. The path that as parents we are on will take a variety of unforeseen turns. I certainly am NO EXPERT when it comes to being a dad or raising kids. BUT I can say from experience that it's OK to laugh at yourself every now and then.

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