When the attacks of September 11,2001 happened, things changed in almost every area of security. From airports to high schools, the way we enter buildings and the types of security systems in place, have gotten a makeover. Now it looks as though new York City has some new capabilities to prevent another 9-11 style attack.It always puzzled me how the terrorists were able to fly into the Pentagon. I understand an office building like the Twin Towers may not have the military's firepower. But, how was it that the Pentagon was not equipped with some sort of roof top firepower that would be used to respond to such a threat/attack?

On 60 Minutes, NYC Police Chief Ray Kelly said that his department is now equipped with some sort of ANTI Aircraft. Although he wouldn't elaborate, it was clear that they are at least somewhat prepared in the event of an attack from the air.

Fast forward to approximately 5 minutes in the following video:

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