I love country music as do many of you out there and I'm sure you have a few friends that don't understand why you like it.  I always say..."It's an acquired taste."  Where do you think country music would rank on a list of least appealing genres of music?  Well,  I can tell you, it wasn't at the top!  Topping the "60 Minutes"/"Vanity Fair" poll of least appealing genres of music is.....Heavy Metal.  Nearly 45%  of the people polled say that they have the hardest time trying to "dig" heavy metal. There are a few bands that I can get into ...( Some, I don't even know if they're heavy metal)- System Of A Down, Metallica, Audio Slave, Chili Peppers etc....

29% of the people polled say they just can't listen Hip-Hop.  I grew up on that stuff and it was the school boys who introduced me to it!  Obviously, neither of my parents listened to it.

Country music came in 3rd on the list of least appealing genres with 16% of the people surveyed casting a vote for it.

8% said they can't stand Jazz.....and 4% voted for classical music


(Metro Source)

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