This time, the price increase is affecting one of our summer staples in the Empire State. 

Attracting over 1.2 million people, this event is a huge highlight for the summer. It attracts some out-of-staters to make their journey to the 4th largest fair in the country. 

The Great New York State Fair has been a tradition in the Empire State since 1841, and people still come from all over to be part of the summer fun in the sun! 

Unfortunately, with inflation being the way it is, prices have changed over the last few years, and they are going up again.

Back in February, Governor Hochul proposed doubling admission and parking prices for the New York State Fair in her state budget, along with some other pricing adjustments. Governor Hochul and other New York lawmakers managed to reach an agreement on May 1 in regards to the budget. 

State fair admission for adults will now be $6 instead of $3. That is a price increase of 200%. 

It’s worth noting that the price was originally $6 for advance-sale tickets between 2005-2020. The tickets only dropped in price as a result of the pandemic. 

The last time tickets cost $3 for the New York State Fair was back in 1990, and it’s uncertain if we’ll ever see the prices drop that low again. 

Parking prices will also be changing. This year, it will cost $10 to park your car at the fair, whereas last year, it was only $5. 

Fees will also increase for those who rent spaces for concessions and non-fair events by 1.5% for this year’s fair. 

State officials cited the pandemic as reason why there has been a decline in attendance at the state fair, causing a financial loss for over the past three years, and it’s clear in the numbers. 

According to WSYR-TV in Syracuse, the New York State Fair saw “over half a million fewer guests in 2021 than in 2019,” which is significant. 

The $6 admission fee is less than the $10 fee charged in 2019 before the pandemic, but it is still quite the jump in price – especially when you consider the costs of everything else have been going up too: eggs, gas, etc. 

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