New York sure has seen it's share of emergencies since the start of winter. From blizzards to earthquakes and everything else that calls for an emergency response, the dedicated women and men who answer the calls have been busy.

The year is just getting started and if you are inspired to become one of the helpers in an emergency, there may be some financial help. First responders in at least one county in New York State may be getting a break soon.

The proposal calls for individuals who have been active members of a volunteer fire company, fire department, or voluntary ambulance service for at least 20 years and have since retired to receive a 10-percent exemption for the rest of their lives.

This is an idea that may be considered by other counties across the state. There seems to always be a big need for additional people to sign up to volunteer or dedicate their professional lives to saving others. Here in Buffalo and Erie County, we witnessed the bravery and live saving efforts recently during the Christmas Blizzard. For those who leave their families and risk there lives to answer emergency calls, perhaps a tax break is something to consider. It may also be a great recruitment tool and the one thing that helps to move the needle to fill a the growing need.

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