If you were to create a candle that smelled like New York State what would you make it smell like? Pizza? A frosty snow? Wings (if we are getting hyper local)? Tim Horton's coffee – or is that just here in Buffalo, NY?

We think the company Homesick that makes candles that smell like your state nailed it! There are 26 candles so far and each candle is supposed to make you nostalgic for your home state.

So what does New York's smell like?

Apple and pumpkin!

How awesome is that! We definitely need one of these in the next month or so as we head into fall! After all, nothing says fall in New York like apple picking and pumpkin patches!

  • Massachusetts's is pretty awesome  – apple cider donuts and Dunkin Donuts coffee.
  • Florida's smells like orange, sea mist and driftwood.
  • South California smells like cactus, orange and the ocean.
  • Ohio smells like carnations and honeysuckle.
  • Washington smells like cherries, coffee and rain.
  • Pennsylvania smells like chocolate and molasses.
  • Tennessee is magnolia and single-malt whiskey, which is also pretty cool.
  • Kentucky? Bourbon, mint and other local scents – this one has us intrigued.

Check out the rest of the scents and find Homesick candles here.

The candles are each $34.95 usually, but they are currently $5 off. Typical burn time is 60-80 hours. Candles weigh 13.75 oz each. So, as Homesick says, "Fill Your House with Home" – that's a pretty good slogan, lol.