Making a monthly payment on a loan for a snowmobile is not too hard to swallow when the snow is flying! You work hard all summer to make the payments and get the sled ready for winter and the season is almost here! But there are a few things that you need to do before you hit the trails.

Here in New York, Erie County had the largest amount of registered snowmobiles in 2021. There are plenty of good trails in the area when the snow is right and if not, many travel to the Tug Hill region of New York State to find the best snow and the best trail system. But no matter where you ride, you need to have the proper registration on the sled you are riding.

Registrations must be renewed each year and the process can be completed online through the DMV website, by mail, or by visiting a DMV office. Snowmobilers must carry their registration and proof of insurance with them any time they ride.

According to the New York State Parks website, Erie County New York has the largest amount of registered sleds with an incredible number of nearly 7,000 sleds!


The sled registration fees are supposed to be used for trail maintenance in New York State, law enforcement and snowmobile safety education. While we wait for the official start of the snowmobile season, it may be a good idea to register that sled and get your insurance up to date. Hopefully there will be more snow once we get past hunting season and the gates open on the trails.

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