As New York State continues to monitor any uprisings or threats related to the war in the Middle East, there are reports that a basketball game here in the Empire State was halted after alleged hate speech.

New York State is home to the second largest Jewish population outside of Isreal. The ongoing war against Hamas has New York State officials on a heightened alert. With many protests and demonstrations happening, law enforcement and local security are also paying close attention.

But the incident that took place over the weekend at a basketball game is a new chapter in the ongoing battle against hate.

A high school girls’ basketball game in Yonkers was canceled after players on the home team yelled antisemitic slurs at their Jewish opponents.

No matter the side you may be on, this sort of behavior is worrisome.

School officials posted a statement after the game was canceled.

People around New York State are on edge and just this past week there was an investigation in to a large explosion that occurred outside a concert venue in Rochester, New York.

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