The Halloween season gets longer and longer every year. In fact, the Halloween and Christmas seasons have intertwined somehow and we have forgotten that Thanksgiving in stuck in between there somewhere.

Regardless of when you decide to put up those spooky decorations, once October hits, it is spooky season and apparently there is one city here in New York State that is better for ghosts than others.

Is your house haunted? Do you feel some sort of presence around you or see things you can't explain? If you live in or near Buffalo, New York, it may be a ghost?

According to rankings put together by Upgraded Points, Syracuse was in the top 5 and Buffalo finished in 51st place. The list is put together using several factors such as reported ghost sightings, haunted houses, and the number of graves and cemeteries per person. Topping the list was Springfield, Massachusetts, following by Scranton, Pennsylvania and Birmingham, Alabama.

Syracuse, NY, claims the fourth spot, with nearly a quarter of its homes built before 1940, while Buffalo, NY, offers the oldest average home build year, 1956.

While there are not any plans to stop or halt the use of candles in the pumpkins this year, many are wondering what is next after recent reports that New York is moving to more green and environmentally friendly way of doing things.

The biggest fear is that we won't be able to use a gas powered furnace or stove in the near future. Those who have one now may not be able to find parts and will effectively be forced to go all electric.

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