The calendar is about to turn into the third week of September, which will be this Thursday. The official start of fall will be on the 22nd and that means the weather will soon be turning cooler in the coming days and weeks.

One of the things we encounter every time we get to the transition between summer and fall, is the increasing chances for rain.

Cold fronts and changing temperatures means rain showers and even the risk of thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms and rain will happen across New York State on Monday and there’s not only the risk of heavy downpours in those thunderstorms, but flooding as well.

According to the National Weather Service, the thunderstorms that move in this afternoon will give us a chance for rapid flooding.

The risk runs from Rochester all the way past Syracuse and downstate. This risk does not include Western New York, which will see those thunderstorms during the mid-to-late morning hours.

The risk will be between 1 and 9 pm, although the thunderstorms will likely move through during the early-to-mid afternoon. Make sure you’re aware of this if you’re driving today as well.

After more rain and thunderstorm chances on Tuesday, we should catch a break with the weather on Wednesday and into the upcoming weekend.

It won’t be long before we trade in our t-shirts for hoodies and shorts for jeans and khakis, so make sure to take advantage of any good weather day we get from now until the month of October.

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