The weather sure has bee interesting this spring. Just last week, portions of New York State recorded record high temperatures. Although we are getting back to reality this spring with the weather, there are glimpses of warmer weather on the horizon.

If you are a weather nerd or love to follow the forecasts, living in New York State is ideal. The great lakes on the Western side of the state and the Atlantic ocean on the other brings a bunch of interesting weather patterns.

Although we see out share of a variety of weather, it seems lately there are more extremes. This past winter, Buffalo and Western New York pulled through a deadly blizzard and the rain and wind storms that we seem fell more intense when they pass through. But what does it all look like from space? A recent radar image showed the counterclockwise rotation of the clouds over portions of the northeast. This weather system brought cooler temperatures and rain.

The weather for the rest of the week looks more like the spring we are used to here in Western New York. Get ready to use the heat in your car in the morning and the air conditioner as you drive home in the afternoon.

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