Hunting season is over in New York State and, for the most part, it was an incredible season for deer hunters.

The weather was ideal for the last weekend of the regular firearms season for whitetail deer hunters in portions of New York State. The deer were on the move and many hunters found success.

The hunting season seems to zip on by each year. Before you know it, we are ready for Christmas and sharing stories about the bucks we saw, or had on camera and never got to take. However, for one hunter in Western New York, the story has more than the standard "one that got away" ending. In fact, the story for Justin Wallschlaeger continues as the word is spreading about this incredible buck.

For Justin and Jamie Wallschlaeger, hunting is more than brothers bonding and enjoying time in the woods, it is a passion turned part-time profession. These brothers spend a ton of time in the woods and share the success, and losses, in the woods on the show Deer Tippin' TV.

The hunting community in New York State will be sharing these photos and waiting for the episode to drop for the rest of the story about this buck!

Massive Buck Taken In Collins, New York

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden/Deer Tippin' TV

According to Jamie, he and Justin were walking in a thicket and got word that a massive buck was on the move in the woods near them.

Jamie went on to say that:

we were walking a goldenrod thicket towards a couple of our friends when we got word from a neighbor that the buck everyone has been after all year just went into it about ten minutes prior. Justin and I went about 100 yards and I then spotted the buck in the thicket and had him 15 yards standing broadside for a couple seconds but I couldn't shoot because I already filled my buck tag. He then snuck threw some briars, cool headedly, right over to my left where Justin was and the buck stopped facing straight on to him eye to eye and he shot and dropped him. It all happened so fast so he didn't turn his tactacam on on his gun until the 2nd finisher shot when he walked up on it.

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