The summer is just about here and the weather in New York State is about to get hot! The more time you spend outdoors, the greater your chance to interact with wildlife. There is a new alert from New York State health officials.

The summer means camping, hiking and fun! We are truly blessed to have some pretty amazing places to see outdoors. From Niagara Falls, to the Adirondack Mountains, New York State has so much to offer if you love adventure and fresh air!

But with the fun, comes a few risks. From ticks, to sun burn and even the occasional run in with animals, it pays to pay attention and be prepared.

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According to reports, there was a woodchuck found to have rabies in a New York State town.

In Cazenovia, a woodchuck tested positive for the illness after attacking a cat that sadly had to be put down. In a post from, it was noted that: "If an animal has rabies and bites you — or licks its claw before it scratches you — then you can be exposed to the rabies virus".

As far as ticks are concerned, there have been a large amount of reported cases in the last few weeks. The more mild weather in the last winter made the conditions ideal for ticks to stay active.

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