2024 is here and with the new year, comes a renewed push to go all green in New York State. What could be next? There are some who would like to see the end of plastic trash bags that are filling up landfills from Lewiston to Long Island in The Empire State.

If you have driven past an area that has a landfill or waste transfer station, you can't help but notice a few things. The smell, the astonishing amount of things that we throw away and the mountains of trash that are piled up under the dirt and clay. In some cases, what was once a flat piece of land, now looks like a ski resort.

The Governor in New York State has plans to eliminate the use of fossil fuel appliances most residents have now and convert New York to a state that relies mostly on electric power. It is hard to swallow for some who feel natural gas is a more reliable and cheaper source of energy.

New York has already put some of their green initiative in place. For example, when you shop at stores, or get takeout food, you no longer can get a plastic bag for your groceries or food, and you are charged for that paper bag!


It would only seem to make sense that the plastic trash bags we all use would be the next thing to be banned in New York State. Surely the government offices in New York State and just about every home and business in the state use plastic trash bags for waste. In California, following the state's ban of single use/plastic grocery bags, more people purchased small plastic trash bags.

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