The winter has been a strange one, not just for the State of New York but for the entire northeast.

Since the start of January, we have seen an up-and-down weather pattern, which has brought both bitterly cold temperatures and above-average temperatures to New York.

Many places are actually below average for snowfall this time of the year, except for Buffalo, which is about 50 inches above normal already because of the two snowstorms; the lake effect snowstorm in November and the Christmas blizzard in December.

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The warmer temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday felt great, with 60-degree readings for many in the state, but on the horizon paints a much bleaker picture.

According to long-range predictions in the forecast from AccuWeather, a massive polar vortex has the possibility of bringing frigid temperatures to New York state for both March and April. That's because of what meteorologists call a "atmospheric traffic jam," at the jet stream level. That would bring very cold air to the point of the calendar year, where people look forward to springtime temperatures.

It's still unclear whether or not this prediction becomes reality, but all signs point to not the greatest start of spring for New York state.

As for snowfall, it's still too early to tell for March but forecasters at AccuWeather are calling for snow across the Midwest and Northeast for the last week of February, which could bring substantial snowfall from Tuesday to Thursday for many cities. This will also be colder air and more normal for this time of the year (30's for highs).

It's been a relatively dry winter, since the start of the new year, but it appears that good weather luck is about to run out for those in the northeast and New York state.

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