The first full week of classes is here for the new school year here in New York State and while the discussion should be about lessons and learning, it will be overshadowed by reports of violence and fights at multiple football games.

Police responded to multiple fights in the stands across Western New York both Friday and Saturday and there was even a shooting at a game in Utica, New York.

It has become very scary to show up and cheer high school football in many places and parents and community officials want answers.

Utica school security officer is in critical condition after being shot in the head while trying to break up a fight in the parking lot after the Proctor High football game at 4pm yesterday.

A friend of mine was in attendance at the East Aurora-Lackawanna game this past Friday and reported that the scene was "very disturbing" as police were called to keep fans/parents from fighting as it went from cheering to confrontation.

Arrests were made in the City of Buffalo after a fight broke out at the McKinley-Bennett high school game.

While investigations continue in many of these incidents, the season has just started and you have to wonder if administrators will have to limit the fans from attending or force teams to forfeit games if further incidents take place? It seems that in many cases it's the parents who are ruining the experience for the kids.

I spoke with one New York State parent of a student-athlete who said, "I can't sit in the stands anymore because of the other parents and what they say". He went on to tell me, "many parents don't even know what the coach is thinking or what the plan is and they just scream and yell and start trouble".

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