Planning a vacation? Need some days away from the office? Put in your request now as you are running out of time to get the most out of your PTO this year!

There are two types of workers; those who use their available paid time off and those who feel guilty and use very little of them. But the reality is, you boss takes the days and you should to. The reason you have them is to reset and relax and likely makes you more productive.

How may days do you get? Two or three weeks? Perhaps with overtime that you have put in you have stacked up even more time off? There are some hacks that are out there that can help you get even more consecutive days off IF you follow the math and calendar tips.

According to the article from 2022 in the New York Post, there are still way to get the most out of the paid time off you are allowed and even get and extended vacation.

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2023 ain't over yet and you are just in time to get the most out of the holidays this year. If you follow the math from the video and post, you will need to put in a request for that time off in November by taking 5 days off after Veteran's Day and 3 days before Thanksgiving, it add up to 17 days in a row!

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