Social media is a double edged sword. For most people it is a useful source of valuable information. For others, it can be a source of frustration filled with bullies and trolls. No matter what social media is to you or how you use it, there are some who are making great money from it.

TikTok is going through a few financial changes. While the social media giant is taking away some funds from the Creator Fund, they are working on a Creativity Fund that may be a new opportunity for some users.

According to reports, the current fund is going to be going away as of December 16th. But there is more money on the way.

In a blog post about the Creativity Program in February, TikTok said creators can "earn up to 20 times the amount previously offered by the Creator Fund." Videos that are eligible for the program must be longer than a minute and earn at least 1,000 views, and they must abide by the platform's community guidelines, among other criteria.

This is happening as there are some who think the popular social media should be banned in the United States. It was a big topic in the recent Republican Presidential Candidate debate.

No matter the money available. Parents are reminded to keep tabs on the things their kids are seeing online.

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