This is an incredible time of the year! As we see Halloween decorations pop up everywhere, there are some who are already looking forward to the Holidays and everything that comes with them.

Most people are planning on getting their baking items and ingredients ready. Shortages happen all the time and you better be prepared.

When you shop this fall, there is a great new item in stores that has many people excited and might be the next big thing in your house. Buffalo Bills fans are still sampling and talking about Josh Allen's Pepsi commercial and how he was "caught on camera" mixing hot sauce with Pepsi. It has become a hot trend here in Western New York. It only makes sense that people here will love the new hot sauce-pickle combination.

Introducing...Frank's Red Hot Vlassic Pickles!

It seems that here in Buffalo and Western New York, we put hot sauce on just about everything! From eggs to french fries and Pepsi, you can't go in to a house or restaurant without seeing a bottle of Frank's Red Hot on the table or in the refrigerator.

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