It's officially March, which means that spring is right around the corner; roughly three weeks away from the official start of the spring season.

As we know here in New York state, however, just because the calendar says we're out of winter, doesn't mean the forecast got the memo.

Snow and cold looks to be the story for a large portion of March, with potential blasts of cold air later this month. In the near future, however, there is a potential blast of snowfall that is still an undetermined amount.

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There will be snow that falls over much of New York state this weekend. The only question is how much? That snow will arrive Friday and Saturday, but there's disagreement from the domestic and Euro models on how much snow will fall.

The domestic model shows over a foot of snow for regions in the northern parts of New York state, with anywhere from 6-10 inches below that cut off in snow totals. Some snow totals could be significant.

Whereas the Euro model suggests just upwards of 5-6 inches for parts of upstate New York, with 1-3 inches for other parts of Western and Central New York.

The fact we're only two days out and still don't know exactly what will happen, is a little unsettling. A foot or more of snow is most certainly plan-altering, whereas a couple of inches is a nuisance but more than manageable.

This snow will be on a weekend, which is unfortunate timing, but at least we're into March with light at the end of the tunnel.

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