There are only a few weeks left in the the current school year and students and teachers across New York State are getting anxious! Summer break will be here soon but there is some work to be done.

As we get ready for the long, got summer days, some high school seniors are making plans for the next step in their education. Before you pick a major, or meet your new roommate, you should file for as much student aid as possible.

There are reports this week that a massive amount of cash has been left on the table that could help relieve the insane cost of college these days.

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When it comes to getting the funds you need to pay for college, there are many options and scholarships and grants available. For example, FAFSA. According to reports, In 2023, New York's high school students left more than 200-million-dollars unclaimed by not applying for FAFSA and submission rates are down 24-percent already this year when compared to last year.

Considering the cost of colleges and universities, why not at least try to get as much aid as possible?

It took me 15 years to pay back the school loans that I took out. I have zero regrets about the decision to take the loans. The biggest fail that I made was not seeking more "free" money and working. It makes a world of difference.

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