Whether you are worried about the toxic fallout of the recent Ohio train derailment or not, you can't avoid the fact that people are talking about it everywhere. There are some who are convinced that the air quality and the quality of the water we drink may be affected by the chemicals and smoke plume that poured out of the train cars.

However, officials in both Ohio and New York State have assured residents that they are safe and the air and water are safe.

Still, here in New York State, the Governor has announced that she and the state are committed to making sure they are not only prepared for these events but are trying to keep them from happening.

Governor Hochul is urging Congress, rail companies and federal regulators to take action to prevent future freight rail hazmat disasters. She also wants braking regulations to be modernized and the use of electronically controlled pneumatic brakes to be increased so that derailments can be avoided.

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"The health and safety of New York residents remains my administration's top priority. The train derailment that took place in East Palestine, Ohio emphasizes the need for preventative regulations and the adequate prepositioning of emergency response resources,"

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