Predicting the weather here in New York State is a challenge and can be even more difficult as we get ready for the winter to arrive. Think about it, forecasters have to try to understand what Mother Nature is going to do in the next few hours and in some cases, the next ten days! The location of New York State makes things more challenging with it's varying topography and the Great Lakes.

We all know that the snow can fly one day and the sun can shine the next with dramatic temperature changes. Predicting the weather is just that in many cases, a prediction. There are few forecasters who can get it right 100% of the time.

But here in Western New York, there is one forecaster who may have an extra advantage when it comes to predicting the forecast. Some say that the animals of the world know when the weather is about to change and have that sixth sense that it takes to get it right. No radar or European models needed.

The Aquarium of Niagara announced that they will use a popular harbor seal to make a prediction of the forecast for the upcoming winter.

Tomorrow's the day! Tune in LIVE on Facebook tomorrow (11/3) at 10am for Stryker Predicts the Winter. We're teaming up with NOCO for another year of this fun event. Will Stryker choose Cold or Frigid? It's any seal's guess!

As for the National Weather Service forecast for the next couple of days, it looks as though we are going to get more seasonable temps coming our way and the snow will take a pause.

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