There are quite a few reasons why a New Yorker might consider leaving the Empire State, but have you ever wondered where those turncoats are moving to?

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Newly released data from the US Census Bureau paints an interesting picture of how people have migrated across the country over the last few years. New York State, which lost a seat in Congress due to the slowed population growth, has seen soem siginficant changes in resident counts lately.

So, where exactly are people moving to when they leave New York?

New Jersey

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The number 1 state that New Yorkers relocate to is New Jersey. According to the Census data, nearly 60,000 people moved out of New York into Jersey. I suspect most of those are in the NYC area trying to find a lower cost of living.


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There's no surprise here with Florida being in the 2nd position. To be honest, I actually expected Florida to be number 1, but don't let the 2nd place finish fool you, more than 57,000 New Yorkers made the sunshine state their new home.


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This makes sense to me in the position. People moving from cities like New York City and Buffalo to cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia seems like a possible logical move. That move also made sense to around 46,000 New Yorkers as well.


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I'm not surprised to see California on this list, however, I am surprised it's in 4th place with just over 37,000 people moving there. Considering the tax rate is just as extreme as it is here in New York, I expected it to be lower on the list.


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Just under 28,000 New Yorkers made Connecticut their new home - with its close proximity to Metro New York City, this move also seems logical from a cost of living standpoint, and puts Connecticut in 5th place.

The most surprising thing about this list is that a majority of the people stayed in the northeast, just getting out of New York State. What States did you expect to be at the top of the list?

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