The fall is nearly here and it is time for the things we all love. Cooler air, hoodies, football season and pumpkin spice. But what is New York State's favorite pumpkin spice flavored food?

From donuts to pies and coffees, there are few things we leave off the list of pumpkin spice treats. Have you tried pumpkin spice beer?

As we get the cooler air and the leaves start to change, you may be surprised to see what one report says is the top choice for those of us in New York State. In fact, it may sound a little gross.

According to the story from, it's pumpkin spice pudding for the win.

As far as the fall weather, it finally is starting to cool off after a hot start to the school year.

There are some places in America that had to either cancel, delay or limit the amount of time kids were at school because of the heat. But New York does not have a law regarding the heat inside a school and most classes went on as scheduled.

Portions of Philadelphia had to change their school lesson plan this week due to the heat.

Back in the Empire State, the law regarding indoor air temperature really only applies to the lower end of the thermometer. Here in New York State, there seems to be no set limit on the high temperatures. However, there are some guidelines about how cold it can be.

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