For the second straight week, Buffalo Bills fans will get to enjoy an NFL Sunday without the stress of the Bills game outcome.

That's because the Bills are playing their week 2 game on Monday Night Football against the Tennessee Titans at 7:15 pm. It's also the home opener, so fans can expect a ton of traffic, especially since it will be on a Monday. Getting to the Bills-owned lots by 3:15-3:30 is a good idea and getting there by 2 pm is a good idea for other lots.

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Many Bills fans prefer 1 pm kickoffs on Sundays, but I enjoy the prime time games; it also gives me a chance to focus on other games and relax.

However, this Sunday is probably one of the least desirable slate of NFL games in the Buffalo area.

For the 1 pm games, the Buffalo market will get the Pittsburgh Steelers hosting the New England Patriots on Channel 4 (WIVB), and the Carolina Panthers visiting the New York Giants on Channel 29 (FOX).

The Patriots/Steelers game would've been a much better game five or more years ago, but considering the fact it's a battle of Mac Jones and Mitch Trubisky at quarterback is, less than an ideal viewing experience. The Patriots were a brutal watch last Sunday in Miami and both teams appear to have limitations on offense.

T.J. Watt will miss the game with a torn pec muscle as well.

Panther/Giants is arguably the least desirable game of the entire NFL slate this weekend, with two teams who are not expected to make the playoffs, and don't factor into thee Bills plans since they're in the NFC.

It will be nice to watch former Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll with the Giants but the game quality has a good chance to let viewers down.

The only 4:25 pm game will be the Cincinnati Bengals at the Dallas Cowboys.

Again, on paper you think "oh, that should be good"...but considering the Cowboys looked as bad as they did last Sunday against the Buccaneers, plus their starting QB Dak Prescott will miss the game, this becomes a game many rather not watch. The Cowboys will start backup QB Cooper Rush.

The Miami Dolphins at the Baltimore Ravens and the New Orleans Saints at thee Tampa Bay Buccaneers would've been more ideal for the 1 pm games locally, with the Arizona Cardinals at the Las Vegas Raiders better for the 4:25 pm slot.

There are a multitude of decisions that factor into showing non-local games in a TV market, particularly location and market size of the teams playing.

Maybe Trubisky and Mac surprise us...

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