The original Niagara Chocolate Company was a local staple from 1913-1915. Now, the original Niagara Chocolate Company is back up and running, officially.

According to WIVB, the company saw its grand re-opening on Thursday.

The new owner is Mary Ann Hess, who is a salon owner. It's been her dream to run the original chocolate company, ever since she started making chocolates in her home 14 years ago. She eventually moved her production next to her salon on Porter Road in Niagara Falls, named  Niagara’s Honeymoon Sweets LLC.

Hess' grandmother used to work in the original factory.

She finally got the rights to the trademark of the original Niagara Chocolate Company.

“We are the original Niagara Chocolate Company, from 1913-1915. We do have the original hand dipped Triscuits and we do hand dip the Triscuits.”

The chocolate-covered Triscuits are the company's specialty but they also have sweets like chocolate barrels and bars with engravings such as "Homan Walsh’s “Niagara River Gorge” and another called “Niagara’s Daredevil."

If you want to dive into some delicious chocolate, the company is located at 5540 Porter Road in Niagara Falls. You can also order from their website.

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