As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and people are anxious about what the fall moths will bring, Niagara County is helping residents to stay safe and prevent the spread.

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According to reports, they will be distributed at the Public Safety Training Facility on Niagara Street Extension in Lockport. Each vehicle is eligible to receive a package of five masks and four bottles of sanitizer.

You can get your freebies between 4-8pm Wednesday!

I have been wearing one of the neck gator/rash guard style masks. However, it has recently been announced that they may be less effective than a  surgical style or even a homemade mask. The most difficult part about the mask issue is trying to get our 2 year old to keep his on. It lasts about a solid 3 minutes before he is ripping it off of his face. We don't really take the kids places that would require a mask. However, there are times that we find our selves in a situation where it is unavoidable. For example, when our 4 year old has to use the bathroom when we are away from home on a Sunday drive.

It is not comfortable to wear a mask. And being told that we have to is even more annoying. But if it makes things improve more quickly and helps keep others safe, it is worth the agony.

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