We're coming up on what is arguably the most popular time of year to go out to bars and restaurants.

I know what you're thinking -- that has to be summer, right?

Summer is phenomenal for outdoor dining, great weather and having a blast just getting out of the house more; which in turn means that people naturally go out to bars and restaurants more often.

However, September and October might have it beat.

The fall weather, the fall-themed craft beer, the food, and of course the Bills back on the television screens.

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That's one of the reasons why one popular bar and restaurant in Western New York has decided to take their annual week off in the summer, as they gear up for what should be a busy fall season.

The Nine-Eleven Tavern in South Buffalo has announced that they have begun a week off, which will go through August 22nd. This allows them to recharge the batteries and allow for their staff to get some much-needed time off.

They will reopen on Wednesday, August 23rd.

The Nine-Eleven Tavern is a small but popular bar. They serve up one of the best chicken wings on earth and it's the traditional medium wings that steal the show.

They're located on Bloomfield Ave. in Buffalo.

Some other great places for wings in Western New York are Bar-Bill Tavern, Wingnutz, Elmos, Gabriel's Gate and Sonny Red's. The Nine-Eleven Tavern is certainly up there and every Buffalonian should try it if they have not.

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