In a continuing effort to remove or reduce the number of guns on the streets, the State Attorney General's Office along with Niagara Falls Police are sponsoring a gun buy-back event in Niagara Falls this Wednesday, June 13th.  From 9 am to noon working and non-working unloaded weapons will be accepted at 520 Hyde Park Blvd.  In exchange, debit cards will be given in various amounts depending on the type of gun.

  • $25.00 for non-working or antique firearms
  • $50.00 for rifles and shotguns
  • $75.00 for handguns
  • $100 for assault weapons

Any weapon brought to the site must be in a plastic or paper bag or box and must be in the trunk of a vehicle.  There's no limit to the number of firearms anyone can turn in.

Licensed firearms dealers and active or retired law enforcement officers are not eligible for the gun buy-back event.

Since 2013 various gun buy-back events sponsored by the Attorney General's Office across the state has resulted in 1,700 weapons being turned in.

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